Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I read a great book today

I read with my group a book called Let's look after our World by Diana Noonan and Keith Olsen.

I created a poster in my book about what I learnt. 

I learnt we need to recycle our rubbish properly. A lot of people put food, glass, paper, milk bottles and containers in one bin but they should be separated. 

When we put our rubbish in the right bin the truck will come collect the rubbish and take them to the recycling plant. 

Reading today

Today we read a book called Looking after our World. The book was written by Diana Noonan and Keith Olsen.

I learnt about pollution. We are polluting the earth with rubbish and gasses that we send into the sky. If we do not do something now, we will ruin our planet forever. 
Gas and chemicals sent into the sky pollute the air

Looking after our earth

Today we read a book called Looking after our world by Diana Noonan and Keith Olsen. 

I learnt that we need to stop pumping factory waste into the rivers, lakes and streams. We must also stop sending fumes and gasses into the sky.

It is killing our earth and we need to look after our planet earth. 

My reading for today

Today my group read a book called Looking after our world by Diana Noonan. 

We need to look after our birds because they are helping our planet earth. 

Birds do a good job of getting rid of the bugs. In the garden we don't need to use poisonous chemical sprays because birds are taking the bugs away. 

By Miami

My reading this week

This week I read The best camping place in the world written by Tadpole. 

As one of my activities, I had to create a list of gear to take when I go camping.

Here is my list:

  • Shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Rope
  • Food 
  • A life jacket if you going in the water
  • A life boat 
  • A waterproof tent
  • Lighter to light the fire
  • Warm clothes
  • Hat
  • First Aid Kit
  • Sun screen

Desire's Reading Activity

This week I read Just to be safe by John Lockyer. We were learning to question the author's purpose for writing the story. 

The story is about Kate and her grandma. They went on a trip. We also described the settings in the story. They went to the beach and there was a park. Grandma was worried about the safety of the flying fox and said they will go play on the other equipment just to be safe. 

Grandma is a caring grandma because she cares about Kate.

I think John Lockyer wrote this story because grandparents worry about their grandchildren's safety. 

By Desire

Friday, 14 March 2014

Softball in the morning

Monday was a windy day and the sun was very hot. We played softball on the field with our class.

Team One was fielding and Team Two was batting. We swap when the fielding team gets three players from the batting team out.

Mrs Tofa taught us how to bat in softball by aligning the bat on the mat, holding the bat up with your elbows up and then swinging the bat to hit the ball. We also learnt we have to time our batting to hit the ball.

In fielding, we have to catch the ball to get people out. When a runner is running to the base we throw to the person on the base to get them out.

After the game everybody was hot, tired and thirsty then Mrs Tofa said we are going back to class.

Team 2 won the game. I want to play softball with another team.

By Miami