Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Going to the Auckland Museum to learn

On Monday the 28th of July 2014, Glenbrae went to the museum on a green school bus. First we had to go to the hall to get ready to go to the bus. After 30 minutes the bus came and Room 8 and Room 10 went first to the first bus and then after 2 minutes Room 7 and Room 9 went to the bus.

When we arrived at the museum we went in and we sat down because the teachers said we had to sit down. After 12 minutes we went upstairs and we learnt about how volcanoes can erupt, like lava flows, explosion volcanoes and one more that I forgot.
At the museum we learnt that they are a 165 volcanoes in New Zealand.

After 30 minutes of learning about volcanoes we had free time to see what we wanted to see. After 1 hr it was morning tea, after morning tea we went to see the 1866 town and we loved it.

After 10 minutes at the 1866 town we went to the earthquake
volcano house we waited for 7 minutes and then we saw some steam rising from the water and it started shaking and erupting
some people thought it was real and some people were scared
like some of the other girls.

After 2 hours it was lunch time we ate and then we went to see the Pacific section for 50 minutes. After 40 minutes it was home time when we started going people saw heaps of money in a donation money box and somebody got $100. I enjoyed going to the museum because we learnt about new stuff.

By Samuel

Monday, 21 July 2014

Welcome to Term 3

Today Monday 21 July our hall was once again alive with the many students of Glenbrae School gathering for assembly. The assembly was exciting because the teachers shared what they brought about the topic study for this term 'Shake it up'. 

This term we will learn about volcanoes, earthquake and tsunamis. What a fun term it is going to be and next week we are off to the museum to learn about our topic. 

This week of Thursday we will also present what we learnt from our 'Making waves' topic. 

Exciting to be back at school.

Let's beat it

Here is a cool website with quizzes which will stimulate the brain and also create a little bit of friendly competition. Let us see who is best. Good luck all