Friday, 28 November 2014

A narrative by Angelica

The raindrop fell on my face and I started running.I fell in the pit and reached the bottom of the pit.I was surprised to see a big magical forest.

In the magical forest I only saw birds and some other animals who lived in the forest too.Then I called “Help” and no one replied. The next morning I was hungry but there was no food and a little pigeon came towards me and gave me a peanut. I was angry because I knew the peanut is not enough for me but when I ate it, I felt full. The shell of the peanut I peeled grew more peanut plants and the leaves were shimmering. I started to think this was a magical forest.

When nightfall came I fell asleep. I was so tired from walking around trying to find how to escape and go back home. I slept under a big tree and felt something warm wrapped around me. When I woke up it was the tree roots wrapped around me like a blanket. I was too tired to run away so I fell back to sleep.

In the morning the same pigeon which gave me a peanut gave me another peanut. I ate it and felt full again. I sat and thought about how I can go back home. I asked the pigeon if it knew how I can go home and it told me to climb the tree and take a branch to take to the stream. I quickly got up and climbed the tree and broke off a little branch.

When I walked to the stream, I saw it was bubbling away. I walked around the stream to see if there was anything inside. All I saw were bubbles and the pigeon standing on the other side. I threw the branch inside the stream and the bubbles stopped all of a sudden. I started to feel scared then I saw the pigeon walking away. I ran towards the pigeon and it stopped. It turned around and told me I must stay at the stream until the bubbles appear again. I felt angry and I screamed at the pigeon to go away.

When the pigeon left I started to cry. I cried for hours then I heard a rumbling sound from the stream. As I walked towards the stream the water rose up and wrapped around me. I started to panic but it kept raising me higher into the air. I yelled “Please let me go” and the water crashed to the ground taking me down. The fall was so hard everything went black. When I woke up I heard children playing, a loud stereo playing and cars tooting at each other. I quickly got up and saw I was back home. I ran and told my mother what happened to me and she told me it was a very imaginative story and that I should write it down. I felt sad she did not believe me so I sat down and wrote the story.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

What Do You Say?

Room 7 students, through this film are expressing their views and rejection of social issues which affects humankind. World peace can be achieved if every human takes a stance and says "No!"