Friday, 29 August 2014

Alfred's presentation about the 2009 tsunami in Samoa

Pacific Ring of Fire presentation by Taki and Fraser

Aaliyahna read about volcanoes and the Pacific Ring of Fire. Here is her presentation about what she learnt.

What are tectonic plates?

Taki has been reading about volcanoes and has come across information about tectonic plates. Here are some of his responses from his reading work this week.

Tectonic plates
What are the tectonic plates?The tectonic plates are made from slabs of crust and the top part of mantle and that makes tectonic plates.
How do they affect natural disasters?By going under each other and causes trouble natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsumani and landslides

What other natural disasters are caused by tectonic plates?Earthquakes, Tsunami, Floods and Landslide

Monday, 25 August 2014

Samoa tsunami 2009

Inoke and George have worked on researching the tsunami which happened in Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga in 2009. The worse hit country was Samoa losing 129 people and killing many more. They also found a picture of the New Zealand girls who were killed in the tsunami in Samoa.

For their sharing work they both worked on the Ipad using Explain Everything to create a presentation about their findings. 

Samuel created a poster to show events in the story he read

Taki created a timeline to show events in the story he read

Levi's timeline for his reading activity

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Fun in Alim

Six students in our class have been working hard in Alim (Accelerated learning in Mathematics). They have been learning about fractions and are moving to learn about Ratios.

They have also been using the new Ipads to record their learning and are having fun working with each other and recording their strategies.

Alim is happening everyday for this withdraw group and the six students have learnt a lot so far.

Here are some of their comments about being in Alim

Cherise - I like Alim because we are learning to use our times tables to solve problems in Maths. I also like Alim because I am learning that times table and division is connected to fractions.

Caroline - I like Alim because I am learning about multiplication, fractions and ratios.

Aaliyahna - I like Alim because Mrs Tofa is teaching us new strategies we didn't know about fractions and ratios. I also like solving the word problems.

Angelica - I like Alim because we are learning about ratios and solving problems with fractions.

Maara - I like Alim because we are using Ipads in our learning to record our strategies.

Alfred - I like Alim because we learn about ratios and fractions.

Sod turning special event in our school

Hello! My name is Fraser and I am going to tell you about the special event that occurred at my school.

Today we had a sod turning event at Glenbrae School. Nick Smith who is the Minister of both Housing and Conservation and Len Brown, the Mayor of Auckland was there to to do the sod turning with Nick Smith and Matua Jim.

First we had sausages and juice to drink.Then Hannah volunteered to do a Samoan dance to entertain the adults and the parents who came to our school even our guests.

After the bell rang, we had to go inside and put our bags away.Then we had to line up and go back down into hall and we had to sing, ‘E tasi ae lasi.We were singing loud and then we had to sit down

Matua did a speech and we all clapped at the end of his speech.After Matua Jim was Mr Afi, Bono’s grandpa he did a speech in Niuean. It was long.

When we finished our Powhiri we went outside and lined up in a semicircle then Matua Jim blessed the land.Then they started the sod turning.After the sod turning everyone went and high fived Len Brown.

Lastly the bell went and we had to go back to class. It was fun at the sod turning seeing the politicians and the Mayor of Auckland in our school.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Glasgow 2014

The Crusaders reading group are busy researching the Glasgow games. They are looking for information about what the Commonwealth is? Which countries are part of the Commknwealth and also analysing the results of the Commonweatlh games for 2014 which was held in Glasgow Scotland. 

Watch this space for their findings which will be posted this week. 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Life on Desert Road

This week I read a story called Life on Desert Road. It is about a road in the North Island which is near Tongariro National Park. I also read the biggest eruption in New Zealand created Lake Taupo near Desert Road. 

Desert Road has not houses near it so if you break down you have to wait a long time for help to come. 

By Tamati

All about me

Hi my name is Dasharn. I go to Glenbrae school it is in Glen Innes Leybourne Circle.  I have five siblings they are Santana, Shaelyn, Tama, Kyana and Noah. We live in Glen Innes in Epping Street. My parents are Crystal and Darren.

My mum lives in Glendowie on Overlea Road. My mum’s family lives out in West Auckland and my mum’s mum's name is Sonya. My dad's mum is Annabelle. She has five kids and my other nan has five as well. Soon my mum's family are moving to Gisborne.