Thursday, 14 August 2014

Fun in Alim

Six students in our class have been working hard in Alim (Accelerated learning in Mathematics). They have been learning about fractions and are moving to learn about Ratios.

They have also been using the new Ipads to record their learning and are having fun working with each other and recording their strategies.

Alim is happening everyday for this withdraw group and the six students have learnt a lot so far.

Here are some of their comments about being in Alim

Cherise - I like Alim because we are learning to use our times tables to solve problems in Maths. I also like Alim because I am learning that times table and division is connected to fractions.

Caroline - I like Alim because I am learning about multiplication, fractions and ratios.

Aaliyahna - I like Alim because Mrs Tofa is teaching us new strategies we didn't know about fractions and ratios. I also like solving the word problems.

Angelica - I like Alim because we are learning about ratios and solving problems with fractions.

Maara - I like Alim because we are using Ipads in our learning to record our strategies.

Alfred - I like Alim because we learn about ratios and fractions.


Captain Levi said...

yous are learning alot in alim and yous are getting smarter.

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