Thursday, 14 August 2014

Sod turning special event in our school

Hello! My name is Fraser and I am going to tell you about the special event that occurred at my school.

Today we had a sod turning event at Glenbrae School. Nick Smith who is the Minister of both Housing and Conservation and Len Brown, the Mayor of Auckland was there to to do the sod turning with Nick Smith and Matua Jim.

First we had sausages and juice to drink.Then Hannah volunteered to do a Samoan dance to entertain the adults and the parents who came to our school even our guests.

After the bell rang, we had to go inside and put our bags away.Then we had to line up and go back down into hall and we had to sing, ‘E tasi ae lasi.We were singing loud and then we had to sit down

Matua did a speech and we all clapped at the end of his speech.After Matua Jim was Mr Afi, Bono’s grandpa he did a speech in Niuean. It was long.

When we finished our Powhiri we went outside and lined up in a semicircle then Matua Jim blessed the land.Then they started the sod turning.After the sod turning everyone went and high fived Len Brown.

Lastly the bell went and we had to go back to class. It was fun at the sod turning seeing the politicians and the Mayor of Auckland in our school.


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