Monday, 12 May 2014

Inquiry presentations

On Thursday 8 of May 2014, Room 7 students joined our school to view the inquiry presentations of classes around the school.

Our first class to visit was Room 1. Mrs Greenham and her class presented their art work of bird sketches and we also had a worksheet to complete. It was a good chance to find out about the learning of Room 1. When the bell rang we had to move to the next room which was Mrs Ripata’s room.

Mrs Ripata and her students created a powerpoint for us to watch and read. It was about the native plants of New Zealand. The next room we visited was Mrs Kumar’s room and she kept us busy by making us do a obstacle course, making bugs using lollies and also doing an online quiz. The lolly part was fun because we got to eat our bugs.

In the senior block, we went to room 10 first and they taught us about first aid and what to do when we are going camping. I learnt we must tell someone where we are going and how long we will go for.

The inquiry presentations were fun but ours was good too because we had our own camping tents inside the classroom.

by Inoke


Kayla said...

Hi Inoke,
I like the way that you are really specific about everything that you did. What did you learn today?
From: Kayla

luisa said...

I like the recount :)

Taki said...

Nice writing Inoke:D

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