Saturday, 24 May 2014

Argument writing about the sea

People shouldn’t throw rubbish in the sea

I think people should stop throwing rubbish inside the sea because the sea can get polluted and on the 3 News I saw a sea that got polluted and no one could catch any fish and we will have nothing to eat like fish and other sea creatures and the sea will turn into green water
and it’s not good to swim in.

The other reason why rubbish is bad for the sea is because it can also affect other animals like birds because when there is a can or a bottle in the sea the birds will think it’s fish and they will land on that can and they will stick their beak inside the hole on top of the can or the bottle and the birds head will get stuck and they will suffocate and die.

People will not be able to swim in the sea because the sea will be full of rubbish and the rubbish will get stuck on people which is disgusting. The environment around the sea will be lost to the rubbish and it will be a very sad look.

By Shannon


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