Monday, 29 September 2014

Yay it's the holidays

Term 3 was a fun filled busy term for Room 7. So many different activities happened during the term and we learnt a lot about our inquiry too.

Now it's that time again. The two weeks everyone looks forward to after each term. 

Taki and Robin have blogged about their activities during the holidays so far and its great to see what they are up to. 

I will be going on camp from tomorrow to Friday so I will try and get online if I can. I will even try and post pictures from my activities at my camp.

Hope to read more blog posts soon

Mrs Tofa

Monday, 1 September 2014

Planning a narrative by Mafoa

Mafoa planned his narrative using a template. His plan looks interesting. Look forward to reading the narrative soon Mafoa

How big if your carbon footprint? Angelica gives us some suggestions in her Google drawing for her creating work

Fineasi's research reading was on the earthquake in California recently. He created a google presentation to present his findings

Dallas' reading group were research reading in Week 5. She decided to research the earthquake in Christchurch. Here is her presentation about what she learnt from her research

Robin and his reading group read about Volcanoes. He researched the Pacific Ring of Fire and this is his presentation about what he learnt

Shannon's presentation about Greenhouse gases

Natural disasters is a hot topic in Room 7 at the moment. The Chiefs reading group read about man made disasters and learnt about carbon footprints. This is what Lindakiki created to share her learning.